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ATLANTA, GEORGIA (May 1, 2016) – WhereverMusic is the brain-child of, Full Sail University student, Arielle Brown, who got her first taste of the music business industry in high school, helping a few friends in local bands book gigs and practice space. After spending years in studios with her husband they had a vision for the ultimate on-location recording studio. Taking the professional recording experience directly to the client wherever they choose to be.

“Great albums come from great people, in great places,” says Brown, “by taking the studio to any location artist are free to express their creativity even in their choice of surroundings.” The traditional studio is in a set location limited to its physical address. WhereverMusic is aiming to give the client free reign over where the studio is for their session. “We hope to not only change the way music is recorded but add inspiration into the music that is recorded,” says Brown.

The idea of this company is to give clients the ability to record essentially anywhere. Clients often ask how they can be sure that the location they choose will be fit for recording. To which her co-founder and husband has answered, “We send a technician to examine the location to be sure that the equipment will be able to be connected and everything can be set up properly. As far as acoustics we have acoustically treated portable sound booths and a wide array of microphones to be sure there is perfect sound in any location.”

Being the first company of it's kind in the South Wherever Music has plans to revolutionize the recording industry. Providing artist with a service that is affordable, convenient, and professional is the main goal of thier company.